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Donation march 2019 through the Sense district


A route of

40 kilometers in

10 hours through the Sense district

Bild 01.10.19 um 13.43.jpg

Patrick Schwab

Devin Bachler
Bild 01.10.19 um 13.42.jpg

Our Heroes


Patrick Schwab and Devin Baechler have outgrown themselves for our club during the donation march on September 28, 2019.

They covered a distance of 40 kilometers within 10 hours to collect donations for us and drew attention to our association. Thanks to the accompanying photographer "Tinus Wunderkiste"  we experience first hand how they fought with heavy oxygen bottles, fire clothing, helmet and blisters on the feet, and all for "Vo härzä for preemies and Stärnechind".

We do not know how we can thank you two and your families for your performance and the understanding of their relatives. You all have respect!

A big thank you also goes to the donors who sent us a total of CHF 311 through Patrick and Devin.


Thanks alot!

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