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We couldn't do this wonderful thing without your donations .
Many thanks to everyone!
However, we ask that you only send us fabrics with a minimum size of 25x25 cm !

3 Monika Grela.jpg
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We received this huge package from Monika Grela a big thank you for it. 💕

A big thank you to Eva Ott for these beautiful fabrics. Wonderful things will emerge from this! 🌟

6 Eva Ott.jpg
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2 Nathalie Straeten.jpg
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Many thanks to Nathalie Straeten for this donation. 💕

1 Nicole Bürk.jpg
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Many thanks to Nicole Bürk for this donation, wonderful things will come out of it again. 🦋

Ruth Rohrbach.jpg

A big thank you to Ruth Rohrbach for this donation.

Many thanks to Nadja Flück for these wonderful fabrics.



A big thank you to Sonja Künzi for the beautiful fabrics that she sent us! 🦋

4 Sonja Künzi.jpg
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Logo - Foto.png

Thank you for this huge donation, dear Judith Rotenbüler . 🌟


Many thanks to J. Heijdenberg for this great donation. 💞


Many thanks for this material donation to Käthi Dietrich and Beatrice Dietrich from Soulcape das Bambustuch 💞


Thank you very much dear F. Buntschu for the great fabrics ❤️

An anonymous donation reached our warehouse today. Many thanks to the unknown 🦋

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