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October 2022

For the Kanth Bopha Foundation  (  we were recently allowed to sew special hats that are worn by premature babies who are still mechanically ventilated. 

At the end of October, an employee of the University Hospital in Zurich traveled to Cambodia and handed over the much-needed hats. The team and the babies were very happy about it. The President and the members of the Board of Trustees were also enthusiastic. 

We are pleased to be able to support the Kanth Bopha Foundation.





















NeoCafe on Facebook

The meeting place for experienced and new premature parents.

The Group to join  and chat anonymously. You are not alone!


Stop by and discuss with each other, we would be very happy about it!

Bild 17.09.22 um 17.08.jpg

This year,  World Prematurity Day is with us in the color of the premature babies -purple-


What that means exactly and how it will be implemented in the end, we will tell you later. Stay tuned and look forward to this extraordinary day with us.

Schmitte march on 09/24/2022

The Dorfmärit Schmitten is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. We will also be there at the anniversary market.

Anyone who would like to visit us is very welcome at booth no. 43. We will offer you handmade clothes and decorative items, and of course also give you a little insight into our association work.

Come by, we would be very happy about your visit. As usual, all of the day income goes into the association coffers in order to put a little smile on the faces of the parents in the neonatologies who are worried about the life of their child(ren) in the coming year, and to show them that they are not alone. You are in our thoughts!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-17 um 16.44.58.png

Today is World Prematurity Day

As every year on November 17th, we want to remember all the premature babies who are fighting together with their parents in the neonatology. For every gram, for every minute without an alarm, for life... !

We have a beautiful letter for you today, from a premature baby to his parents. In addition, our clothes are distributed to the families in the neonatologies to give them a little bit of normality. We wish all the fighters out there all the best and their families a lot of strength during this difficult time.

Dear mom and dear dad

��I am tiny, I was born prematurely and I may be too small. I know it's pretty difficult to deal with when I'm in the incubator with the apnea alarm, heart rate monitor, all the cables, tubes and things like that. Picking me up is even harder!!

I can understand that it's no pleasure to cuddle with me if I can't even compensate you by opening my eyes.....But I LOVE YOU I can't express my feelings. If you give me a hand, I'll try even harder to say yes to life. If you caress my head, face and body twice a day you will see that I will respond to the loving stimulation you give me through your touch.

��Mom and Dad, you can do more than just watch me from the outside through the glass house and change my diapers. While I need the care of the doctors and nurses, I really need you too.��I can smell you and feel your touch when you caress me. Please don't just let me experience unpleasant sensations, please caress me...

�I love that

��Your baby



Despite the corona pandemic, we were allowed to send a large box packed with our discharge sets to the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen... there are 40 sets in total, including two for twins and two for triplets!

This way, this neonatology will be as colorful as spring, and hopefully we'll put a little smile on the parents; faces.


December 1st, 2020  Online - Advent calendar on our Facebook account


In June we have diTrauffer Holzspielwaren AG aige of their wood cows donated. But since all the markets we wanted to attend were canceled this year, we still have them in our warehouse, which we think is a pity, because we are convinced that they would make some children's eyes shine.

Then we had a really cool idea! We will die TRAUFFER Auctioning cows together with things we have made ourselves in an advent calendar. So look forward to the first door on December 1st. at 8:00 a.m. and increase diligently - you can find the link to our Facebook account below!

100% of all proceeds go into the Vo härzä club fund for premature babies and Stärnechind, so that we can conjure up colorful things for the parents and neonatologists again next year.

12/13/2019 Thank you very much


Today we received an email from the heads of the folklore group "Swiss Folk Arts Röstigrabe"

Ms. Andrea Pürro-Jungo and her partner Gilbert Kolly have been leading the folklore group for 20 years and were able to hold the anniversary concert with CD baptism in the parish church of St. Ursen on December 8th.

In summer they enthusiastically read our report in the Pfarrblatt, and now want to appreciate our work by sending us the collections of the concert. A total of CHF 1086.60 was raised. Ms. Pürro-Jungo and her partner rounded up the total to CHF 1,200.

We are overwhelmed and still completely speechless

about such a wonderful gesture. Thank you very much

Thanks for this super great "Christmas present".


If someone wants to buy the CD, this is for

Fr. 25.- now available from:


Andrea Pürro-Jungo

Uf em Bärg 8

1734 Tentlingen

Tel .: 079 686 56 57




11/17/2019 World - Premature Baby Day



We were able to celebrate the day dedicated to the premature baby with many wonderful people.

We were able to send our premature baby kits to the neonatology university hospital in Zurich , which were given to the parents. We are touched by the wonderful reactions that have already reached us. It is a huge pleasure for us to be able to put a small smile on all parents' faces in this difficult time ❤️ ...

In addition, we were able to get to know many premature babies in the PROGR auditorium today, which have already received clothing from us. Among them was the small, big Lia, who stood 10 minutes before us. She had a Bébé in her arms and her mommy asked me if I would know the clothes that the Bébé was wearing ... because 1 1/2 years ago the doll mommy had worn these clothes herself. I was overwhelmed because little Lia was the first baby Gisela and I dressed. I had goose bumps and had to fight with tears. An incredible moment to see this girl so happy, happy and healthy. 🥰😭🤩
It was a wonderful festival with lots of emotions and wonderful encounters. Some of the tears flowed, there were a lot of interesting discussions and we were able to make many new contacts with midwives, the Theodora Foundation, the personnel management of the neonatal department of the Inselspital and the persons responsible for the “Transition to Home” project!
We would like to thank you very much for celebrating this festival with all these great people. The organization was wonderful, we felt very comfortable.

28.09.2019 Donation march in the Sense district



Patrick Schwab wants to collect donations for the association “Vo härzä for premature babies and starch children” with members of the fire brigade and other interested parties (also in robes and uniforms), in the Friborg region of Sense.


Entry fee: CHF 10.- (100% donated to the club)


Registration at: +41 79 883 89 55 (Patrick Schwab)


to print :

08/18/2019 - 40 years Residenz am Schärme, Sarnen


For the 40th anniversary of the Residenz Am Schärme we also have a sales stand with home-made products! As always, the proceeds go to our club treasury!

Come along, there is something for everyone!

06/01/2019 International Children's Day

Today, on International World Children's Day, we were able to hand over a total of 34 premature babies and their parents to the neonatology department at Zurich University Hospital.

It was an incredibly touching day on which we had many interesting conversations and met strong, brave and grateful parents with their little ones.


We would like to thank Colette Wyler, Friederike Haslbeck and the entire team of the Neonatology University Hospital Zurich for making this personal handover possible, and we look forward to continuing our good cooperation.

We also wish the parents and their little fighters all the best at the IPS and IMC Zurich, may all guardian angels watch over you!

Vo härzä Andrea Bartels , Gisela Durrer and Nadine Blatter on behalf of the whole team.




05/11/2019 Exhibition in the station center Düdingen


Today we were able to present our club in the Bahnhofcentrum Düdingen and had a wonderful day with many great encounters.


I had a special conversation with Patrick Schwab , during which a wonderful idea came up.

I am already looking forward to the planning and implementation. Further details will be announced in due course.


In addition, I would like to thank all of our hardworking bees who put their time and work into this great project. None of this would be possible without your diligence. Merci to all of you! 💞

16.03.2019 from 8:00 a.m. cutting day in Lungern

There was a lot of laughter on our first cutting day, we learned a lot from each other and of course we were able to cut and sew a lot!
A total of 27 premature sets have been sewn, two shopping bags full of cuts have been created and all wedding dresses have been taken apart!
A big thank you to everyone who helped and of course thank you Gisela for the great organization 😘!